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How To Design Teen Bedrooms

Designing bedrooms for teenagers can be tricky as we all know they can change their minds on what they like each and every day. There are a few key elements to designing a space that will adapt to their ever-changing interests, hobbies, and passions and to ensure they stay inspired, and their room functions well throughout the years. Today we are sharing with you our top tips and tricks for how to design bedrooms for teens in an easy, thoughtful, and functional way.

Timeless And Durable Furniture

Designing rooms for teens often starts at their early adolescents, so it is essential to choose furniture that will withstand the many years of being a teenager and the different stages that come with it. We recommend selecting furniture that is both timeless, durable, and functional. This means choosing furniture in neutral and natural tones such as white, oak timber or black depending on your child’s preferences. Our retailers such as Bedshed, Nick Scali, and Snooze, offer a beautiful range of furniture that is of a high quality and will withstand the test of time. By keeping all the large furniture pieces in the room neutral, this allows you to have fun and play with accessories as they develop, and their interests change over time.


Have Fun With Decorative Accessories

Decorative accessories are the pieces you can have fun with throughout a teenage bedroom and they allow you to embrace colour, texture and layering. Accessories include items such as rugs, bedlinen, cushions, lamps, artworks, vases, plants and more. As we mentioned above, we recommend keeping the larger furniture items neutral and classic, to allow you to switch up the colour schemes as and when required in an easy and affordable way. It is much easier and affordable to replace a quilt cover or table lamp in a bedroom than an entire bed or chest of drawers. To achieve a new look, simply update the decorative cushions on the bed from Bed Bath N’ Table, hang a new art print from Pillow Talk and add some faux greenery from Freedom and you have yourself a completely new space!


Storage And Organisation

It is a well-known fact that teenagers seem to collect a lot of ‘stuff’. From clothing to tech accessories to school supplies and more, it is a never-ending influx of items that need to be stored and organised in one room. Having practical storage and organisation solutions in teenage bedrooms is a must to ensure clutter stays at bay and encourages items to be put back in their designated areas. Choose a bed with under bed storage, allow for an adult size chest of drawers and ensure the bedside table has drawers or a cupboard for storing bits and pieces. Use large baskets to group items together such as shoes, bags, hats, and hobby equipment in a neat and aesthetically pleasing way. You can purchase some beautiful baskets from stores such as Freedom and Provincial Home Living that look gorgeous in a bedroom.


Be Creative With Paint And Removable Wallpaper

Paint and removable wallpaper are the easiest ways to completely transform a space in one weekend. The best thing about these solutions is that they are not permanent and can be changed or updated as and when your teenagers’ tastes evolve. We love using a subtle wallpaper print in neutral tones on all walls to create a beautiful oasis for your child or go bold with a fun paint colour on one or two walls to inject wow factor.


Create Zones

Teenagers spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, so it is important to create zones within the space that adapt to their different needs. You do not require a large room to be able to create zones, it can simply be different corners of the room to cater to a certain requirement. The sleep zone should obviously include a bed, comfortable bed linen, a lamp, books, and any other items that encourage a good night’s sleep such as sleep sprays or headphones. Another area of the room should be inspiring and encourage learning by having a small desk, some storage for homework and school supplies and all their tech needs. We also love to include a ‘hang-out’ zone if the space allows where you can have an armchair or some floor cushions with a floor lamp. This space can be used for themselves when they want to relax in their room or creates a comfortable space they can hang out with their friends when they visit.


Our retailers offer some amazing furniture and home styling pieces that are perfect for updating your teenager’s bedroom. Whether you are thinking of replacing their bed and bedroom furniture or simply updating their soft furnishings, we have everything you need here at Aspley Homemaker City. We look forward to seeing you in the centre again soon!

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