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6 Biggest Trends Of The Moment

As we enter the second half of 2022, we are seeing some huge trends and shifts in the interior design and home styling world. The last few years have seen a more subtle, soft, and subdued interior reign supreme, which was reflective of the state of the world throughout this time. We saw our homes as more of a sanctuary and a place to escape through a long period of isolation. As we enter a new era, we are seeing the return of bold colours, contrasting details and rich timber tones throughout our homes. Are you ready to incorporate some new styles into your home? Read on to find out our favourites!


A contrasting interior with black and white accents seem to be filling our Instagram and Pinterest feeds from new builds to renovations and beyond. We are seeing the rise of a sophisticated and chic interior that incorporates black accents against crisp white and bold colours. To try this in your own home we recommend adding subtle black accents through your decorative accessories such as picture frames, vases, coffee tables books and vessels. Head into Provincial Home Living or Bed Bath N Table for a great range of products to suit this trend perfectly. If you want to dive into this trend further you could try a bold, dark coffee table or sleek black dining table chairs. Nick Scali and Natuzzi have some beautiful pieces that are perfect for this style, be sure to check them out next time you are at the centre.


Goodbye Beige

As we mentioned above, the past few years have seen a very subtle, soft, and blended interior filled with neutrals, whites and beiges as the most popular design style. As we enter a new season and the world is beginning to open up again, we are noticing an increase in bold choices in interiors and home styling becoming popular once more. Gone are the days of being afraid to use colour as we see more people opt for bold tones of green, pink and blue not only in their home styling but their cabinetry, tiles and wall colours too!


Rich Timbers

You may be seeing an overall trend weaving its way through in all the trends of 2022 and that is ‘depth’ and ‘boldness’. This is evident in our timber selections moving forward too as we see a movement towards rich timber tones of walnut, wenge, teak ad Tasmanian oak. When searching for your next furniture piece for the bedroom, living room or dining room we suggest opting for a darker timber that evokes a cosy vibe and has richness and depth. We love Snooze, Beds N Dreams and Nick Scali’s beautiful range of high-quality timber furniture to suit any design style.


Large Scale Artwork

Along with bold colours, timber tones and contrast we are seeing large scale artworks become popular when decorating and styling homes. The bigger the better when it comes to adding art to your home with this trend to create a statement look and an elevated interior. Try adding large scale artworks to areas such as the living room, dining room and entryway and choose colours that you can draw from when decorating with soft furnishings and decorative accessories. Next time you are visiting Aspley Homemaker City we recommend checking out Provincial Home Living, Freedom and Pillow Talk for some great artwork choices and styles.


Mixing Old And New

We love incorporating antiques and second-hand items into our homes and are happy to see the trend of unique and interesting, old furniture pieces becoming popular once more. The trick to creating a seamless interior when using antiques is to ensure you have a balance of old and new. We recommend using the ratio of approximately 70% new with 30% old to ensure you have a well-blended and sophisticated overall look. Great places to add antique furniture into the home are with a console table in the entryway, a beautiful old floor lamp in the living room and some classic bedside tables in the bedroom. Pair these with contemporary style furniture and accessories for a curated and bespoke interior design style.


Subtle Greenery

Plants are an essential part of any home and work to not only breathe life into a space but provide a pop of colour to any room. Another trend we are seeing becoming popular in the interior and home design world is the use of a more Mediterranean or foraged style plant. What we mean by this is using tree varieties such as olive trees throughout your living spaces to create a subtle pop of green from their delicate and silver-toned leaves. We also love the look of a wild and foraged arrangement of twigs and eucalyptus stems in the centre of a dining table or kitchen island bench. This trend allows your furniture pieces and styling to be the hero of the space and the greenery acts to soften and blend into the background.


If you want to dive deeper into one of the trends we’ve mentioned today or would like advice on how you can incorporate them into your own home, then be sure to book in for your free styling session with our resident stylist, Eliza this weekend! We look forward to seeing you at Aspley Homemaker City soon.

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