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6 Hacks For Keeping An Organised Home In The New Year

If you are like us, one of your new year’s resolutions is to have a more organised and structured home. In today’s post we are sharing our top hacks for not only implementing organisational solutions but staying on top of them long term. We have so many handy tips and tricks we’ve used time and time again and suggestions on the perfect storage solutions that will transform your home life. Read on to find out more!

1. Start The Year Fresh

The festive season is one of abundance, decadence and overflow, so it is no wonder we all feel like cleansing and minimising once the new year rolls around. For most people the start of January can be a calm time where work is quiet, and you can reset both yourself and your home. We suggest setting a day aside to have a thorough declutter of the highest traffic areas of your home such as the kitchen, pantry, wardrobe, kid’s bedrooms, playrooms and garage. Sort through all items and get rid of anything that has not been used recently, has been replaced with something new or that no longer brings you joy. By starting off the year with a declutter and organising day this allows you to head into the new year with a fresh perspective and a clear mind.


2. Create A Drop Zone

Creating designated drop zones in the home allows for clutter to be contained to one area and avoids it building up throughout various areas of the home. We recommend creating a ‘drop-zone’ that is separate from the kitchen or living area in a space such as the entryway, home office or towards the garage. Create a drop zone by using items such as baskets, in-trays, boxes or containers and label them with each family member’s name. You can pick up some beautiful baskets from Freedom or some great storage containers from Howard’s Storage World that would be perfect for this. The key to keeping drop zones under control is to dedicate a couple of minutes each week to sorting through and actioning any items that need to be actioned and putting things away that have a separate home.


3. Go Label Crazy

Labels are a lifesaver when it comes to organising your home. Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing, but they help each member of the family know where items belong. We recommend labelling key areas of the home that are constantly having items picked up, put back, used, and taken in and out. For example, categorise your pantry using wire baskets for different food types and use swing tags to label. The linen cupboard is another great area of the home to use beautiful baskets to categories like-minded items such as sheets, quilt cover sizes, towels and more.


4. Purchase Your Storage Solutions Now

December is the perfect time of year to pick up a bargain as the Christmas and Boxing Day events are in full swing! If you have the time, we suggest making a list of items such as baskets, containers, drawer dividers and turntables and heading in store to grab yourself a saving. We love Howard’s Storage World for all our kitchen, wardrobe and bathroom storage solutions and Provincial Home Living and Freedom for gorgeous baskets.

5. Set A Timer

When thinking about decluttering and organising your home it can often become overwhelming as you do not know where to begin. As the saying goes, the easiest way to achieve something is to ‘just start’. We love setting a timer to either 15 minutes or 30 minutes and having a ‘fire round’ of decluttering, picking up items that are lying around, sorting a drawer or deep cleaning an area that has been neglected. You will be surprised how much you can get done in a short amount of time if you set your timer, put your phone on silent and pop on some inspiring music to get motivated!


6. Lock In Maintenance Days In Your Calendar

Implementing organisational solutions in your home such as categorising, labelling and decluttering is the first step in creating an organised home. The second and arguably most important step is to ‘maintain’ the spaces long term. Having an organised home is not a matter of ‘setting and forgetting’, rather a system that is put in place and maintained regularly for optimum performance. Maintaining your organisation solutions simply means to set aside time in your calendar every quarter to check in on the systems put in place. This can include going through the pantry and throwing away expired foods, sorting through each family members in tray and ensuring all items are put back in their designated category baskets in the linen cupboard and playroom.

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