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6 Tips For Designing Fun & Inspiring Kid’s Bedrooms

Children’s bedrooms are the perfect space in the home to have fun and go bold with colour, patterns, style, and themes. Today we are sharing with you our favourite tips for creating spaces that are both fun and inspiring for your little ones. We are also sharing recommendations on which stores at Aspley Homemaker City you’ll find the most amazing kid’s pieces for your convenience.

1. Have Fun With The Walls

A great way to make a big impact in a kid’s bedroom is to have fun with different colours, textures and patterns on the walls. This could be as simple as painting a brightly coloured feature wall in your child’s favourite colour or adding wall decals to create a beautiful scene. We also love the look of wall cladding in either VJ panelling or wainscoting and painting it in a subtle colour tone for a bespoke look. If you are renting or find it hard to commit to something long term, then why not try removable wallpaper or removable decals? There are so many great options that are perfect for someone who loves to switch up their decorating often or want something that can be easily removed down the track.


2. Choose Smart Large Pieces

We all know children get bored of things easily, change their minds often and require constant stimulation. When designing and decorating your child’s bedroom we recommend choosing the larger furniture pieces such as the bed, tall boy and bedside table in a neutral-coloured timber or white colour. This allows you to have fun with soft furnishings, quilt covers, artwork and decorative accents depending on your child’s current interests and favourite colours, saving you time and money in the long run. We recommend heading to stores like Forty Winks to check out their timeless furniture range and Pillow Talk for some on-trend and inspiring decorative pieces.


3. Create Inspiring Displays

Children love to have their favourite items on display and showcase what’s currently bringing them joy and inspiration. Embrace this by creating a designated area to display their favourite books, toys, crafts or whatever else they are loving at the moment. We love using floating shelves and bookcases to display their favourite items and allow for easy rotation when refreshing the space. We recommend heading into stores like Freedom and Howard’s Storage World to see their innovative and stylish storage solutions to suit any room.

4. Get Creative With Lighting

Lighting is one area of a child’s bedroom that can often be overlooked when selecting fun and inspiring pieces. Pendant lights, wall sconces and bedside table lamps are great places to bring in colour, pattern, and an interesting texture to the space. We also love adding neon wall lights that pair with the bedroom theme in shapes such as clouds, butterflies, surfboards, or flowers. Get creative by switching up lamp shades on floor lamps or bedside table lamps to add a pop of colour to the space. Head into The Lighting Superstore, Pillow Talk or Freedom to check out their great range of lighting this weekend!


5. Create zones

Children’s bedrooms are used for a variety of activities and are not just limited to sleeping. It is essential to lean into these activities by creating specific ‘zones’ throughout their space to keep them inspired. We suggest creating a reading zone complete with bookshelf and a comfy chair or bean bag where they can relax and chill out. We also love creating a ‘play’ zone which can include a mat, baskets for toys and storage solutions to keep clutter categorised and contained. Then of course this leaves the ‘sleep’ zone which will have a comfortable bed, bedside table, lamp, and sleep spray for ensuring your child gets a good night’s sleep.


6. Focus On Joy

At the end of the day, a child’s bedroom should fill them with joy and be a space they love spending time in. Focus on decorating the space in a joyful way by incorporating their favourite items and using their favourite colours and patterns to inspire them daily. Kid’s rooms are the perfect place to go bold when decorating and we always recommend avoiding a minimalist style where possible. Head into Aspley Homemaker City this weekend to see the amazing range of bed linen, storage solutions, kid’s furniture and toys that will bring them so much joy and inspiration in their bedroom.

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