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6 Tips For Styling The Kitchen & Bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms are often the trickiest areas of the home to style and decorate in an aesthetically pleasing way. As these rooms are traditionally utilitarian and for practical use, it can be a fine balance of getting things right when it comes to decorating. Today we are sharing with you our top 6 easy ways you can use styling pieces in your kitchen and bathroom and how you can incorporate them today.

Tip 1 – Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are the perfect addition to any kitchen or bathroom as they allow you to create a styled look, in a practical way. In the kitchen, floating shelves are a great place to display special items such as seasonal glassware, cookbooks, or beautiful serving ware. You can also use them to store your most frequently used glasses, mugs, and bowls for an easy access solution. In the bathroom we love decorating floating shelves with items such as beautifully folded towels, a candle, a room diffuser, woven baskets for toilet paper storage and a plant.


Tip 2 – Use Artwork

Artwork is a great way to bring a pop of colour, interest and a focal point to a kitchen or bathroom. We love using colourful artworks to brighten up these spaces and bring a whimsical sense to an otherwise practical room of the home. Pillow Talk have a gorgeous new range of colourful artworks that would be perfect for the kitchen or bathroom and come in various sizes to suit your needs. As wall space can be hard to come by in these rooms, you can have fun with small artworks and make a statement through the use of colour and texture.


Tip 3 – Creating Vignettes

We love creating beautiful vignettes in the kitchen and bathroom that tell a story and create a mood. A vignette can be described as a curated group of items gathered together to create a styled display and evoke a mood or tell a story. In the kitchen we love to create a vignette by leaning a wooden chopping board against a splashback with some beautiful salt and pepper shakers, a vase with blooms and a mortar and pestle. We recommend heading into Provincial Home Living to view their amazing range of wooden chopping boards and other kitchen accessories that are perfect for styling up. In the bathroom you can style your vanity with a gorgeous marble tray containing a soap dispenser, perfume, a candle and a jade roller. Check out Bed Bath N Table and Freedom for their beautiful range of bathroom products that will be perfect for styling on your vanity.          

Tip 4 – Ensure Your Cupboards Are Organised

Having an organised kitchen and bathroom makes such a difference to the way the spaces feel. Not only are organisation solutions practical and can make your life easier in so many ways, but they also makes spaces look more aesthetically pleasing through the use of matching containers, baskets and storage solutions. We recommend heading into Howard’s Storage World to view their amazing range of products and solutions that make organising your bathroom and kitchen a breeze. The spaces to focus on that will make a huge difference are the pantry, under the kitchen sink and the bathroom vanity drawers and cupboards.


Tip 5 – Bring Life In With Greenery

A great way to add a pop of colour and texture to the kitchen and bathroom is by using greenery in the form of plants, stems and blooms. We love using potted trailing plants on floating shelves and at the end of a bath or vanity to bring life into a space. If being a green thumb isn’t your strong suit, then stores like Freedom and Provincial Home Living are perfect for you. They have a wide range of faux stems, foliage and flowers that allow you to create a beautiful arrangement that requires no maintenance and looks perfectly styled on a kitchen bench or bathroom vanity all year long.


Tip 6 – Use Timber & Texture

As the kitchen and bathroom are made up of predominately hard finishes and often in shiny or cold materials, it is essential to style the spaces with natural elements to soften the rooms. We love using a timber stool in the bathroom to bring texture and warmth and to style it up with some folded towels, a body brush, and a beautiful candle. In the kitchen we recommend adding a timber tray to your island bench or creating a gorgeous vignette with the main feature of the wooden chopping board as mentioned above. Head into stores such as Freedom and Bed Bath N Table to view their beautiful natural timber pieces and spark inspiration for how you can style them up in your own home today.

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