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Bring Life Into Your Home – Decorating With Faux Plants And Flowers

Plants are a huge trend in interiors right now and have been growing in popularity over the past few years. As you scroll through Instagram or Pinterest you are flooded with images of beautiful interiors with gorgeous, vibrant plants and vases overflowing with foliage. Although we all love the look, some of us aren’t blessed with a green thumb or have pets or children that make owning indoor plants rather challenging. We are here today to show you how you can achieve the same beautiful, styled look through the use of faux plants and flowers. Faux plants and flowers have come a very long way since the powdery, plastic versions of the ’80s and ’90s. A number of our retailers here at Aspley Homemaker City offer an amazing array of faux items that are such good quality, you’ll fool even the keenest of eyes! Read on for our top tips and where to purchase our favourite faux plants and flowers.

Decorating With Faux Plants

Plants are a key aspect when designing any room, be it the living room, bedroom, dining room or kitchen. Plants not only add a beautiful pop of colour and vibrancy to a space, but they allow for a calming atmosphere by creating the illusion of being surrounded by nature. We believe you can achieve a very similar look by using faux plants that you can with real plants through a few simple tips. The key to choosing the perfect faux plant is to see it in person and feel the texture of the leaves, the colour consistency and how the plant falls. The plant should have a natural-looking texture, no shiny plastic and the leaves should fall nicely and appear light in weight. We also recommend investing a little bit more into your faux plants as the price point usually reflects the quality with these items.

Now that you have chosen the perfect faux plant it is time to add them to areas of your home that will make a statement and create a beautiful decorative accent. We love adding large floor plants such as a fiddle leaf fig or a bird of paradise to the corners of the living room, dining room or bedroom. Adding trailing plants to floating shelves or open shelving units can create a beautifully styled look. To give a natural effect, we recommend placing your plants in filtered light, near a window to give the illusion of a real plant. Make sure you wipe your plant/s leaves down every few weeks to avoid any dust collection as a dusty faux plant will give away the secret in no time!

Decorating With Faux Flowers And Foliage

Faux flowers, dried flowers and foliage are a huge trend in interior decorating at the moment. They are the perfect alternative to real flowers as they not only last longer but work out to be a more affordable option in the long run as well. Faux flowers and foliage are great if you are selling a home or staging a home as you don’t have to worry about changing the water in the vase or the flowers looking limp as time goes on. When choosing your faux flowers, stems or foliage make sure to touch and feel the product to ensure it has a natural look and avoid any pieces that look too perfect or plastic.

There are a number of places in the home that a beautiful vase of faux flowers looks amazing, but today we are sharing with you our absolute must-haves. We love the look of a large vase in the centre of the dining table with long stems to create a beautiful wow factor and centrepiece in the space. You can also add a vase of dried or faux flowers to your coffee table or bedside table for a styled look. To create a beautiful vignette on your kitchen bench we recommend grabbing a tray or chopping board and placing a beautiful bunch of faux flowers in a vase paired with a bowl of fruit and a beautiful smelling candle.

Where To Find Them

Here at Aspley Homemaker City, we have several retailers that offer an amazing range of faux plants, flowers, stems and foliage. Head into Freedom to check out their huge range of indoor plants that look so real, we’ll swear you’ll want to water them! We also love Pillow Talk’s trailing vine plants to add to open shelving or their beautiful faux flower stems in a variety of heights and varieties. Provincial Home Living have a gorgeous range of long stems that look amazing paired with a large vase for a statement centrepiece on your dining room table. Why not try adding a fresh, floral scent to your home to finish off the look? You can pick up some beautiful scents from The Sheridan Outlet or Provincial Home Living today!

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