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Christmas home décor

Deck the Halls: How to Decorate Your Space With Style This Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and as Christmas 2023 rolls around, we’re eagerly awaiting the chance to hang out with our favourite people, soak in the festive vibes, and enjoy the holiday cheer. But with all these family gatherings and merry celebrations on the cards, it’s also time to get your abode ready to entertain.

Need some ideas? Here’s the ultimate roundup of essential Christmas home decorations to get you through the holiday season – from festive décor to tableware, we haven’t forgotten a thing.

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Want to upstage your 2022 Christmas tablescape? Then a few new additions are a must! Plus, who doesn’t love setting the table for the holidays? It’s a festive and fun activity, especially when the entire family gathers around to indulge in a feast afterwards!

First and foremost, a centrepiece! This year, we recommend keeping it simple by opting for a humble candle or some fresh flowers arranged in a gorgeous jug vase. Keep in mind that larger centrepieces are often removed once everyone is seated and the food is served, so consider a reasonable height to ensure it can stay on the table.

Next up, glassware! Yep, it’s time to ditch the paper cups (apologies to the clean up crew!). But glassware truly makes all the difference; it will transform your table from drab to fab, adding a touch of luxury and opulence to a day full of celebration and unity.

The rest of your table should follow a theme – whether it be woodlands, traditional, or vibrant colours. Be sure to complete the look with placemats, ceramic plates, cutlery, napkins, and even name tags.

Home scents

Often overlooked, yet undeniably essential – we’re talking about holiday home scents, of course! There’s no doubt that Christmas somehow has an aroma, a nostalgic combination of freshly baked sugar cookies, gingerbread, cherries, and pinecones.

So, what better way to fill your home with festive spirit than with a distinctive scent that encapsulates Christmas? We recommend the Glasshouse Fragrances White Christmas candle – it smells divine! Burn the candle throughout the season and then when Christmas rolls around next year, find a new festive scent to fill your home with!

Traditional décor

It wouldn’t be Christmas without some traditional décor! We’re talking about Christmas trees, wreaths, tree hangings, and other novelty motifs. Be sure to keep all the pieces within an overall theme – even if it’s just a colour scheme like pale green, pink, and gold. This way your home will feel cohesive from when your guests walk through the door all the way through to the dining area and living space.

Subtle additions

It’s important to note that Christmas home décor doesn’t necessarily have to be cliché. In fact, it could be super subtle with the ability to be repurposed throughout the year. How? Choose throw blankets and pillows that stick within your colour scheme but don’t have any Christmas messaging or symbols. We recommend the same approach when it comes to decorative accessories. For example, the Bed Bath N’ Table Antler screams Christmas when seen next to other festive pieces, but when styled in another season, it could have a completely different feel to it.

We know that planning for Christmas home décor can be a really big deal! Everyone wants their home to feel stylish and welcoming all while maintaining that festive vibe. Luckily, achieving this balance is simpler than ever this year with Aspley Homemaker City. Find all your fave holiday home décor essentials under one roof. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and happy decorating!

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bedroom décor

4 Steps to Pinterest-worthy Bedroom Décor

There’s a reason we love interior-designed spaces, and there’s no denying that interior stylists have an uncanny ability to make any space look luxe, inviting, and comfortable (especially when it comes to bedding and bed styling). They certainly know all the tricks of the trade, from the latest interior trends, right down to choosing the perfect pillows. But have you ever tried to recreate a perfectly- styled bed in your bedroom without the help of a stylist? The outcome is never quite the same. So, here at Aspley Homemaker City we set out on a mission to uncover the best ways to achieve that effortlessly- styled, yet totally Pinterest-worthy bed. The best part? All you have to do is follow the four steps below and your room will look like it’s straight out of a magazine in no time.

Step one: what lies beneath matters

A luxurious bedroom starts with a comfortable mattress. We’re talking about the type that you’re already subconsciously sinking into with just one glance. But if you’re not quite ready to replace your mattress, then opt for a mattress topper instead. Mattress toppers are a great (and affordable) solution to add the comfort you need for a good night’s sleep whilst also helping contribute to the overall plush look that is synonymous with a Pinterest-worthy bedroom.

Secondly, mattress and pillow protectors are a must all year round, particularly as our weather warms up. We recommend opting for a bamboo material because it’s naturally antimicrobial, breathable, and thermal regulating. You can find a variety of options from Bed Bath N’ Table.

bedroom décor

bedroom décor

Step two: invest in quality sheets

Quality sheets are the hug you didn’t know you needed! Sheets not only feel great but when you purchase the right set, they’re bound to last throughout the seasons. We recommend steering clear from plain white sheets and going for a fun colour and pattern instead. Pair your bold sheets with a plain coverlet for a playful contrast that will suit any room. For those who are not a fan of ironing, we hear you! Try linen sheets from Bedshed to achieve that unmade bed look that interior stylists always master.

Step three: choose the right bed cover

It’s time to roll away the heavy feather duvet and embrace a lightweight coverlet. This lighter counterpart to a duvet is cooler in the warmer weather but is still heavy enough for those who love being snuggled under a blanket. For neutral lovers, embrace a textured coverlet or quilt cover to, add a subtle sense of luxury to your bedding. If you really want to finish off that luxury look, buy a size up in your coverlet or quilt – allowing the edge of your bedding to touch the floor.

Step four: layers and textures are a must

Finally, the ultimate way to achieve that Pinterest-worthy bedroom is with layers and textures! What better way to add more texture to your room than with throws and cushions? They’re always making an appearance on interior trends lists. So, here’s how you can use them:


  1. Enhance your bedding by casually draping a lightweight throw at the foot of your bed.
  2. Avoid being too meticulous in its arrangement to achieve a more relaxed and inviting look.
  3. Add visual intrigue to a plain knit throw by opting for one with tassels.
  4. For a laid-back luxurious appearance, consider a 100% cotton throw with raw edging.

Throw cushions

You either love them or hate them, but cushions are here to stay – having become a staple in trend interiors! To create a luxurious and comfortable look, be sure to mix and match cushions in similar tones and various textures. Whether you choose velvets or linens, a mix of both is sure to create a visually pleasing vignette. We recommend cushions with feather fillings to provide a plush and inviting feel.

Voila, you now have your own bedroom that looks like it came straight from a Pinterest board. No need to search “interior stylist near me,” instead follow our guide and head to Aspley Homemaker City for all the necessities! Once you’ve stocked up at all the furniture stores in Aspley be sure to share your new bedroom with us on Instagram – we’d love to reshare it! Don’t forget to tag us @aspleyhomemakercity.


Decluttering Guide: 5 Dos & Don’ts

We’ve all been there; over time our homes build up with clutter, and before we know it, there’s not a spare cupboard or shelf in sight!

Decluttering and re-organising the home can often feel like a daunting or insurmountable task, but it doesn’t have to be. With our helpful decluttering tips, you can feel empowered to transform your space into a clean, clear, and organised haven – now, and into the future. From using Pinterest for inspiration to investing in functional furniture and finding long-term storage solutions, we’ve got you covered. Read our decluttering guide below to get started on your journey to a clutter-free, stylish abode.

DO: Create a Pinterest Board for Inspiration

The First DO in our decluttering guide? Find some inspo! Pinterest is an amazing tool that provides endless inspiration for every aspect of your life, from health and wellbeing to style and fashion to interior design and home organisation. We recommend creating a dedicated board for decluttering and organising your home. Fill it with images that resonate with your style and inspire you to declutter without sacrificing aesthetics. You could even break this down further by creating separate boards for decluttering separate rooms. What is it about the spaces that inspire you? It could be the rattan boxes they use for odds and ends, the blanket box they use for toys, or the way they store their makeup brushes and toiletries. Once you have your ideas, make a list of the storage pieces, breaking the list down into what you need for each room for ease of tackling your decluttering project (we suggest taking on just a single room at a time). Head to Howard’s Storage World to pick up all the items you need. Soon you’ll feel more motivated to organise all the other rooms in your home as well and decluttering will be a breeze – and enjoyable!

DO: Invest in Functional Furniture

One of the most effective ways of decluttering and organising your home when you’re short on storage space (or space in general), is to invest in furniture that’s dual purpose. Storing your linen inside a bed frame with drawers, blankets inside an ottoman, and your favourite magazines and books within your coffee table are all great ways to declutter home areas and overcome a lack of storage space, while ensuring you aren’t giving up on style. Freedom has a fantastic selection of functional furniture that will not only suit any aesthetic, but also get you excited about decluttering and organising your home. This is also a clever way of getting rid of unwanted items too – if you forget you have the toys, linen, knick knacks once stored away, or don’t use them over the next 12 to 18 months, it may be a sign it’s time to sell, donate or bin!




DON’T: Overcrowd Your Countertops

The first DON’T in our decluttering guide: clear those countertops! Your kitchen counter can sometimes become one of the most cluttered areas in the house. This could be for a variety of reasons, but to help declutter your countertops, one of the best things you can do is minimise that which lives on your countertop by giving it a home – and styling everything that needs to stay!

Remove any mail, catalogues, paperwork or other household items out of your kitchen and find areas to house whatever’s left. Create a coffee corner for your coffee machine and mugs or place your utensils in a small utensil holder if your drawers are already full of kitchen necessities. Try to source storage items that match your countertop or kitchen style, while also providing ample space or functionality. If bench space is at a premium, think of ways you might be able to move things elsewhere – opt for paper towel holders that can be attached under cupboards, and coffee pod rails or spice racks on the inside of doors.

House also has an incredible selection of drinkware, glassware and dinnerware to help make your kitchen look super chic.

DO: Implement Long-Term Storage Solutions & Practices

After decluttering your space, focus on sourcing long-term storage solutions and decluttering methods you can implement to maintain or managed your organised home ongoing. This step must always be done last, so you know the exact number of solutions you need and what your home is lacking, and the exact size and space of where you will be storing them. If you love glass jars or containers for your pantry or fridge, we recommend being consistent by sticking to one style of clear jar in varying sizes (rather than accumulating containers of all styles, shapes and sizes – unless that’s your aesthetic).

Baskets in cupboards are a great way to keep like-minded items together to avoid any unnecessary clutter – decide if you prefer baskets with lids, or without, and what style will best suit your space and it’s desired function. You may even want to implement a practice of going through these every 3 to 4 months to see if there’s anything in them you need to throw out.

Howard’s Storage World, Freedom and Provincial Home Living have a great range of storage solutions perfect for decluttering. For more permanent solution, Kitchen Connection can help with kitchen redesign, and storage solution inserts such as corner storage solutions, wireware, rubbish, recycling and clutter solutions and sink accessories. We suggest you scroll through the Aspley Homemaker City website for more decluttering and home organisation tips and tricks before you head to the centre.

DON’T: Chuck Everything Into a Box & Forget About it

Last but not least in our decluttering guide: Don’t feel tempted to just chuck stuff into a box or drawer if that’s not a good home for it. If you don’t have good decluttering practices in place, it can be all too easy to open a door or drawer, shove your clutter in, and hope to never see it again.

Find common-sense homes that will help you remember where things are, and don’t be afraid of the label maker! There’s nothing worse than coming back to something you’re forgotten about in your fridge or pantry and wondering what it is (or used to be), or rifling through unmarked boxes for that international power adaptor the night before an international flight.

Decluttering Your Home Made Easy at Aspley Homemaker City

Decluttering and organising your home can be a stress-free and enjoyable process – provided you put some practices in place and make a plan. Use Pinterest for inspiration, invest in functional furniture, find long-term storage solutions, and style your countertops for a clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing home. With the help of Aspley Homemaker City’s fantastic retailers and the dos and don’ts in our decluttering guide, you’ll become a decluttering pro in no time, achieving a clean and highly-functional living space. Get started today and you’ll enjoy a clutter-free home in no time!

How To Easily Incorporate Feng Shui Into Your Home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy for creating balance in our home in relation to the natural world. By using specific decorating and design techniques to ensure your home’s energy is connected to nature and free flowing you can create a peaceful environment both physically and spiritually. Not only do these techniques create a calming home, but they are also thought to increase your quality of life and bring in health, happiness and wealth. If you’d like to learn some simple and easy ways to achieve a mindful home through Feng Shui then read
on for more details!

Use The Five Elements

One of the key decorating rules when creating a home that embraces Feng Shui is to use a balance of the five elements. The elements include wood, fire, earth, water and metal and each represent different areas and qualities of life. Adding these to your home can be done through the colours and shapes that they represent. For example, if you wish to promote wealth and family use blues and green in your soft furnishings and columnar and rectangular shapes when selecting furniture and home décor. It is said that to create a fulfilling life your home must include pieces from all five elements to ensure it is balanced.




Create a Calm Entryway

The front door is seen as a very important space in feng shui as it represents not only metaphorically, but physically where energy enters your home. The entryway is a space that is a first impression for not only guests, but yourself and your families as you return home for the day. The space should be kept neat and organised with minimal excess and unnecessary items. We recommend using a decorative tray like one found in Bed Bath
N Table to collate clutter such as keys and mail and using baskets from Freedom to store shoes neatly.






Check Your Doorways

Doors are very important when it comes to feng shui as they are seen as ‘portals’ for energy. We want to be able to have free flowing positive energy coming into and running throughout our house and encourage symbols
of expansion and space. Ensure you remove any clutter or furniture from around doorways to fix this issue and allow for free-flowing energy.






The Command Position

The command position refers to furniture items that are placed in a way that allows you to be in command,
of yourself, the situation and metaphorically of life. The most common items you should have placed
in a commanding position in your home are the desk, bed and stove. If these items are in command, you
will be able to see the door, without being directly in line with the door. This allows your mind,
on a subconscious level to be put at ease as you are aware of your surroundings and environment.




A Balanced Bedroom

There are a few areas of the bedroom that can create a good flow of energy and symbolise balanced feng shui. Firstly, the bedroom should be decorated in neutral colours to promote a restful and deep sleep. Beds should also never be placed firmly against a wall and should always have a bedside table on each side to provide support. Ensure the underneath of your bed is clear and not used as storage, unless it is soft items such as excess linen
or cushions. Lastly, it is thought that grouping items in twos such as artworks above the bed, pillows and chairs promote loving, harmonious energy.



Let us know if you’d like to learn more about Feng Shui and how it can be used when decorating your home. If you’d like to implement any of the above tips or want help with sourcing the right organisational pieces for your space, then be sure to book in for your free styling session with our resident stylist. Simply head to the ‘Styling Inspiration’ tab on our website.

6 Tips For Selecting The Perfect Sofa

Sofas are a key piece of furniture in any home and any living room. They are used for lounging, relaxing reading, watching tv, napping and spending quality time together as a family. No matter what your living situation, the sofa is an element of the lounge room that needs to be versatile, durable, long lasting and of course, comfortable. Today we are sharing with you our top tips to consider when you are shopping for your next big sofa purchase!

Tip 1 – Think About The Number Of Seats Required

Above all else, when purchasing a sofa, functionality must be top of the priority list. The first thing to consider is how many people live in the home and would be using the sofa at the one time. Pending space and room dimensions, we suggest opting for a sofa or sofa combination that can seat the maximum number of people at any given time.





Tip 2 – Configurations

Before purchasing your next sofa, look at the living room as a whole and take measurements of the space. This is your chance to think outside the box and look at options for a new configuration within the space. Could you opt for an L shaped sofa that fits a large number of people, do you prefer two separate sofas, or would you like a sofa and two individual armchairs? The options are endless when it comes to selecting a new lounge for your living room. Stores such as Plush also allow you to ‘customise’ your sofa and choose the number of seats, the configurations, the shape and whether you’d like it to recline or not.






Tip 3 – Fabric or Leather

The age-old decision that we find most of our customers struggle with – “Should I choose fabric or leather?” The answer depends on your individual circumstances, durability requirement and style preference. A common mistake we see often is the assumption that leather is more practical and long lasting. Leather is a great choice if you are after something easy to clean and durable if the correct thickness and grain is chosen. However, fabric sofas have come a long way in terms of manufacturing and there are now plenty of hardwearing options for fabric sofas too! Not to mention various warranty options and cleaning packs our friendly staff can talk you through to provide you with peace of mind when purchasing your sofa.





Tip 4 – Shape

An obvious step in the sofa selecting process is thinking about what shape and style you’d like to go for. Structured and square-armed shapes can suit design styles such as Contemporary or Hamptons whereas a more rounded and relaxed looking sofa is perfect for a Coastal home. Choosing a sofa that sits directly on the floor (i.e., No exposed legs) can create a casual and relaxed feel whereas an exposed leg can give a slightly more formal aesthetic. The shape of the leg can be very important in a sofa too as this can determine whether the sofa is a modern, mid-century or Scandinavian design style for example. If all these aspects seem a little overwhelming, then be sure to book in with our resident stylist, Eliza and she can help you narrow down the best style and shape of sofa for your space (book via the ‘stylist’ tab on our website).




Tip 5 – Comfort

Sofas are one of the few items in your home that we 100% suggest seeing, touching, sitting and feeling in person. Testing out the comfort levels and sitting on sofas is an important part of the selection process. We all have our priorities when it comes to sofa comfort, much like a mattress and this varies from person to person. Some people prefer a pillowy soft sofa they can sink right into, whilst others favour a firmer and more supportive feel. The height of the individuals using the sofa is to be taken into consideration when it comes to seat depth and back height too. Head into our many retailers this weekend and have a seat on countless sofas to see which feels best for you!





Tip 6 – Colour

Lastly, our final tip is to consider the countless colour options when choosing the perfect sofa for your space. Sofas are often the largest furniture item in the room and therefore set the tone for the entire space. Choosing a dark coloured sofa may be practical in terms of cleaning, but they can often feel heavy in a room and create a smaller feeling space. Light coloured fabrics work great to brighten up a room and are perfect for an airy and relaxed feel but do require more care to ensure they look fresh for a long time. We often find there is a happy medium when selecting a sofa colour and customers lean towards a more mid-toned grey, beige or greige colour that is universal and works with many design styles.

Redecorating Your Home On A Budget

Are you feeling uninspired by your home? Are you wanting to breathe life into your space, but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars? Redecorating your home doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise! In today’s blogpost we are sharing all our tips, tricks and exercises for redecorating and transforming your home on a budget. There are plenty of affordable stores here at Aspley Homemaker City to help you on your redecorating and restyling journey and we’ve outlined a few below. If you find you are still in need of a little extra help, you can book in a free styling session with our resident stylist today! Just click here to head to our ‘Stylist’ tab on the website.

Update Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings can be one of the simplest ways in your home to make the largest impact. Cushions and throw rugs can be added to the areas of the house we use the most, such as the bedroom and living room; completely transforming a space. If you are looking for one of the best ways to create a brand-new look in your home, without spending a truckload of money then soft furnishings are the key. Stores such as Pillow Talk and Freedom have an amazing range of cushions, blankets, and bed linen at affordable prices. At the moment we are seeing a mixture of warm tones trending, such as mustard, blush pink and beige. We are also huge fans of the ever-popular Coastal or Hamptons design style which can be created by adding an array of neutral cushions with a pop of navy blue or sage green.

Minimise Clutter

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to transform your home on a budget is to declutter and simplify your belongings. You may not initially think that this can create a whole new look for your home, but we guarantee you will be surprised! Simply by removing a few items from cluttered shelves, over-stuffed bookcases, or the top of a chest of drawers can breathe life into a space and create a renewed atmosphere. If you want to take things one step further, we recommend heading into Howard’s Storage World to pick up some beautiful and affordable storage solutions. Try overhauling your pantry with organised containers or adding beautiful storage baskets to rooms such as the living room or the kid’s playroom to sort and hide clutter.


Add Artwork

Artwork is an easy way to redecorate almost every room in the home and can also be done in a budget-friendly way! We have plenty of retailers here at Aspley Homemaker City that stock a wide range of affordable artworks that will suit any home or design style. Our favourite places to add artworks are above the bed, in the dining room, down a hallway or on a blank wall in your living room. Rice Furniture, Freedom, Provincial Home Living. and Pillow Talk have a wide range of prints or canvases at varying prices and sizes. Alternatively, if you’ve already got a beautiful print or art piece you’ve been meaning to get framed, then head into Frame Today! Adding artwork to an otherwise blank wall can completely transform a space. We love utilising artwork to add a pop of colour to a space or if you love the minimalist style, try adding a black and white line drawing in a gorgeous timber frame!

Shop Your Home

Another great, budget-friendly tip we love that makes a huge difference to the overall look of your space is to ‘shop your home’. Shopping your home essentially means that you re-arrange home décor, furniture, and art pieces throughout the home to give them a new lease of life and create a whole new look. We recommend taking all your decorative pieces out of every room and putting them on the kitchen bench, so you can see what you are working with. From there, re-style each area of your home, experimenting with using items in new locations and grouping different pieces together. We also love re-arranging the furniture in a room to create a new floor plan and design. If you don’t have the means or space to re-arrange every item, try swapping out a side table or an occasional chair and see the difference it makes. Dedicate an afternoon on a weekend or a weekday evening and simply have fun with it. We know you will love the result!

Use Greenery & Foliage

An affordable way to redecorate your home and breathe life into a space is by adding greenery, plants, and foliage. Using greenery not only adds texture and life but creates pops of colour throughout your home as well. Try adding some gorgeous large plants such as a fiddle leaf fig or bird of paradise to fill an otherwise empty corner of a room. Place them in beautiful woven baskets from stores such as Provincial Home Living. or Freedom. Both retailers also have an amazing range of faux flowers and foliage at affordable price points. We love places a large bunch of stems and flowers in a gorgeous vase and placing it on an entryway table, the centre of a dining table or the coffee table.

These simple tips and tricks will have your home looking fresh and new in no time! We’d love to hear any other tips you have for redecorating your home on a budget. Comment below or head to our Instagram to have a chat!

How To Create A Cosy And Inviting Home

Creating a cosy and inviting home not only allows you to feel relaxed and at ease when you arrive home at the end of a busy day but encourages your family, friends and guests to feel the same. There is something about the feeling of walking into someone’s home and immediately feeling a sense of welcome, ease and comfort. Everything from the lighting, scent, soft furnishings and small thoughtful touches make a huge difference. Read on, to find out our top tips and tricks for creating a welcoming and inviting home and where you can pick up a few items to make your house feel like the ultimate cosy sanctuary!

Inject Personality

There is nothing more welcoming than coming home and seeing items that are nostalgic, comforting and reflect your personality. Although display homes are beautiful, they are often missing the added element of personalisation and individuality. There are many ways you can style your home to ensure it is reflective of you and your family’s personality in a tasteful way. We love adding books with beautiful imagery and stories on topics you are interested in to your coffee table, console table or floating shelves. These create great talking points when guests are over too! We also recommend using gallery walls in spaces such as the dining room, hallway or living room to inject personality and bring you joy. These could be a collection of artworks, photographs of your family and friends or any other pieces you desire. We recommend using frames of the same material to create a cohesive and elevated look. Pick up some beautiful frames from stores such as Freedom or Provincial Home Living.


Well-considered lighting options can make a huge difference to a well design home as they can completely change the atmosphere of a space. Use lighting to not only offer a variety of options and uses, but to create a feature and focal point of a room. We love adding a beautiful pendant light above the dining table or a collection of two or three over an island bench. Floor lamps and table lamps on side tables allow for more dimmed lighting options in areas such as the living room to create a cosy atmosphere. We love adding dimmers to light switches in the bedroom and main living areas to allow for different moods depending on the activity or time of day. Head into Andrew’s Light Up to see their amazing range of lighting solutions from pendants to task lamps and much more!

Guest Room Touches

If you have a guest room or have friends and family stay over often, it is important to make them feel welcome and create an inviting space for them to feel at ease. Here at Aspley Homemaker City we love making our guests feel like they are on holiday by adding thoughtful touches to their bedroom. We recommend choosing beautiful bed linen that is cosy and soft in bright and welcoming colours. Pillow Talk have an amazing range of new season quilt covers, sheets and throw blankets, so be sure to check them out on your next visit! We love the idea of having a beautiful tray of thoughtful and practical items on the bedside table such as a phone charger, eye mask, hand cream and notepad and pen to ensure they have everything they need and aren’t caught off-guard. You can pick up a beautiful tray from stores such as Freedom, Pillow Talk or Provincial Home Living.

Soft Furnishings

To create the ultimate cosy and welcoming abode it is essential to add soft furnishings to elevate your space. Not only do cushions and throw rugs add a pop of colour and texture, but they allow you and your guests to relax and unwind in a comfortable and inviting space. We recommend using soft textures such as linen or cotton and avoid anything with embellishments. Head into Pillow Talk and Freedom to check out their gorgeous range of cushions and throws! Rugs also fall into the soft furnishings’ category, and we recommend adding them to rooms such as the living room, dining room and bedroom. Rugs help to ground the space and create zones whilst also bringing warmth and comfort under foot. We have a number of retailers here at Aspley Homemaker City such as Deco Rug and Provincial Home Living that offer a wide variety of rugs in different textures, shapes, sizes and colours, so head in for a browse today!


Scent is one of the most important attributes when creating a cosy and inviting home but can often be forgotten. Scent has the ability to completely transform a space and allows you to create a different vibe depending on the season, time of day or event you are hosting. We love using diffusers, candles or room sprays and adding them to all common areas such as the kitchen, living room and bathrooms. Opt for a fresh scent during the Summer months such as coconut and lime or fresh linen and create a cosy vibe during the Winter months by adding the scent of caramel, sage of woody notes to your home. Stores such as Rice Furniture, Freedom and The Sheridan Outlet stock a beautiful range of scents for every mood you wish to evoke.