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    Creating space in small bedrooms

    Small bedrooms can have a big impact with the right design and use of space. Whether you opt for the illusion of space or embrace what you have, there are endless ways to make a small space livable and chic.

    Choose the right colours

    Colours can make a world of difference to the look of a small bedroom. The darker the paint on the walls, the heavier the atmosphere and the more enclosed the room looks. Select light coloured paints, preferably pastel shades to make the room look open, light, and airy. Or you could look at light coloured wallpaper with small light patterns or designs.

    Stay Minimal

    All rooms tend to collect junk and the bedroom is the worst of them. Take a close look at your small bedroom. What are the non-essential things in it? Remove them all and see how much more space you suddenly have.

    It may not be floor space, but even having an open dresser top or uncluttered bedside table can make the room seem more open.

    Creative storage

    Optimise your space with creative thinking and creative storage from Howards Storage.

    There is space under the bed and at the bottom of the closet that often is lying idle. The space under the beds is ideal for exercise equipment or things that are needed just once on a day. To make access even easier keep your old shoe boxes to use as storage so they can be easily retrieved. High mounted (but not unreachable) shelves on the walls will also free up space below giving the room a more clean and open look.


    Lighting plays an important role in how a room looks. This does not mean that brighter is better – a bedroom lit up like a Vegas casino is not a place that you will be comfortable in. But keeping the lighting reasonably bright and using pendant lights or standing lights to focus the lighting ensures that there are no areas that are in shadow or sudden changes from bright areas to darker ones will give the room a feeling of being more open. Andrews Light Up can help with providing the perfect solution to get the lighting right the first time.

    Custom Bedding

    Investing in custom bedding to suit the size and style of the room. This will allow you to optimise space while complimenting the look and feel of the room.

    Snooze in Aspley offers custom beds with nifty storage solutions and decorative bed heads to suit any style!

    However, if you want more options to choose your furniture, you can go to our centre and check out all of our furniture stores in Aspley!

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