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    How to Create a Cosy Living Room

    It’s time to embrace Autumn and the cooler days that are just around the corner by planning a few simple design changes to your living room which guarantee a cosier climate to snuggle up in.

    Use warm colours

    modern bedroom setting in blue & whiteColours can be felt. meaning that they have an actual physiological influence on us. Warm (and dark) colours appear physically warmer – which is why they’re used so much in ski chalets – whilst cool, light colours appear physically cooler. This doesn’t just apply to neutrals – all colours have warm undertone options. Think indigo blue instead of sky blue, deep green instead of seafoam green and aubergine instead of violet. Incorporate some extra warmth into your home with a warm wood coffee table, a caramel wool throw or a beige rug. And don’t be discouraged if your space is predominantly cool. 

    Pillow Talk, Freedom and Sheridan Outlet have a great selection of on-trend colours which is perfect for creating that winter vibe.

    Find the right lighting

    With short days and early nights, lighting really comes into its own in the wintertime and the benefits of layered lighting are well-known. But, regardless of how well-layered a lighting scheme is, the wrong kind of lighting will never offer a cosy vibe.

    Talk to Andrews Light Up in centre today and opt for golden or warm bases which will reflect a warm glow into your room as well as warm white or soft white light bulbs.

    Cover wooden floors with a rug

    Luxury rugs add extra depth to a room and create a visually composed space. Ground your living room seating arrangement with a lustrous rug for a comfortable underfoot experience this wintertime. Decadent silken designs are particularly enjoyable in the wintertime, encouraging hours of lying by the fire with a good book.

    The movement found in these designs also helpfully conceals any dirt or heavy usage – some of winter’s less redeeming qualities. DecoRug, Andersens Carpet and Freedom all have a great selection of Winter rugs.

    For more tips and tricks we invite you to sign up to the VIP club and to enjoy at our Aspley Shopping Centre.

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