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    How to create feng shui at home

    Chinese New Year is the perfect time to revamp your home and bring some fresh energy to your space.

    The ancient Chinese art of feng shui is a great way to put together a beautiful home by bringing in a positive flow of energy. Here’s how to bring some happiness to your home using a few basic feng shui techniques.

    1. Bring positive energy into the home

    In feng shui, energy enters your home via the front door, so it’s important to keep that area clear of clutter, yet warm and inviting.

    Get rid of any mess in that area and instead, show it some love by perhaps placing a stylish console table to the side or laying a beautiful doormat or runner on the floor. It can even be as simple as regularly maintaining your front door by giving it a new coat of paint or cleaning it with a lint-free cloth or sponge to remove dirt and dust.

    2. Declutter your living room

    In feng shui, your living room should be clean, light, airy and free of clutter to attract positive energy.

    Different shaped mirrors and various kinds of lights are a great way to bring light and positive energy into the room if you don’t have many windows.

    While feng shui may dictate how to configure your home, one of its basic rules is the importance of creating a beautiful, balanced home by using common design principles. For example, choosing the best sized couch or rug for your living room.

    3. Bring the outdoors in

    Plants are a wonderful way of creating a feng shui-friendly home by activating positive energy in your space. The best time to introduce new plants into your home is at the start of the month or year when it symbolises a healthy beginning for you, your family and loved ones.

    When it comes to choosing plants, look for those with curved or round leaves, instead of spikes or thorns. For example, peace lilies, philodendrons, bamboo and ferns.

    The best spots to place plants in your home are in the east, south and southeast areas.

    Don’t forget to take care of your plants – dying plants bring bad energy into the home, so water them as needed, put them in a sunny spot in your home and place them in beautiful pots.

    4. Water = wealth

    In feng shui, it’s believed that a water feature or fountain can attract abundance and wealth, from great work opportunities to financial success.

    Ideally, the water will be constantly flowing and placed near your doorway (but not blocking it) to attract extra cash or career opportunities.

    The best place to put your water feature is in either the east, southeast or north corners of your home. Avoid placing it in the bedroom or underneath the stairs.

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