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How to decorate with colour

Decorating with colour can be daunting even for the most seasoned home renovators and designers. Having the confidence to go bold with a colour or choose a combination of multiple colours does not always come naturally. Today we are sharing with you some simple tools and tips for how to incorporate colour into your home in an easy and stress-free way. From using the one colour in varying tones to choosing the correct colour combo for your interior design style, we’ve got you covered!

Start With Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are the simplest way to introduce colour to your home and allow you to switch them out with the varying seasons. Soft furnishings include items like cushions, throw rugs, blankets, curtains, and other decorative elements that are often affordable and do not require a big commitment when purchasing. Try adding coloured cushions in tones of blue or green for Spring Summer and switch to warmer tones of orange, mustard, or forest green for Autumn Winter. By keeping your large furniture pieces neutral, you can have fun with colour in your soft furnishings! Head into Pillow Talk and Bed Bath N’ Table to view their gorgeous range this weekend!


Try Paint, Panelling Or Wallpaper

If you want to make a statement with colour in your home, then we recommend adding a splash to your walls. Changing the paint colour of a room can completely transform the space and is a relatively affordable way to make a big impact without spending too much money. We recommend opting for either a subtle colour such as sage green or a muted blue for all walls or doing a bold hue of dark navy for ultimate impact. We also love adding panelling to painted walls to add an extra layer of depth and up levelling the feel of the home. Wallpaper is another great way to add a pop of colour and pattern to your home and looks gorgeous in a powder room, dining room or bedroom.


Colour Pairings

Pairing the perfect colour tones together can be a tricky task to master but looks absolutely beautiful when done right. A classic colour pairing that works well together is using muddy greens with tan for a warm and relaxing look. We also love using mustard with pink or red for a brightly coloured warm toned feel in your living room or bedroom. Blue always pairs well with tans, beiges and white to create a beautifully traditional combination that suits most classic design styles. Head into stores such as Rice Furniture, Freedom and Provincial Home Living to see how they have paired their beautiful store displays with the perfect colour combinations.


Using Colours For Particular Design Styles

An interior design style is a group of certain elements from the furniture to the fixtures to the decorative accessories that work together to create a particular look. For example, the ever-popular Hamptons style uses a colour palette of mostly white and beige paired perfectly with a traditional, rich blue or green. Whereas the Mid-Century design style must include warm tones of orange, yellow, brown and red to create the ultimate 60’s vibe. The coastal design style sticks to a predominately neutral colour palette of beige white and tan with washed out tones of blue, green, and orange. If you would like to learn more about how you can incorporate a particular design style into your home and what colours to use, then book in for your free styling session with our resident stylist this weekend!


Use Shades Of The One Colour

If pairing a variety of colours sounds too intimidating or you prefer a softer and less contrasting look, then we recommend using varying shades of the one colour when decorating. Using an ombre effect of one colour creates a soft and calming look, whilst still having impact and adding vibrancy to a space. Try adding varying shades of blue or green from light to dark in your cushion combinations. Against a neutral-toned scheme of whites, beiges or greys the ombre effect looks stunning. You can also try this decorating style with your home décor pieces choosing vases, books, and candles in a variety of shades such as pink, green, or orange. Head into our beautiful retailers to see how they have incorporated this decorating trick in their styling!


Playing It Safe With Neutrals

When we think of colour in interior design and home decorating, often we imagine bright painted walls, coloured furniture pieces and a colourful array of home décor objects. This definitely doesn’t have to always be the case. If you are a fan of neutrals and lean more towards a minimal design style, you can still incorporate colour into your home. Choosing pieces that have a subtle hint or an undertone of a certain colour can be enough to bring a space to life. For example, using soft sage green cushions paired with a neutral throw rug will create a styled look on your sofa. Or try using a pale blush pink wall colour or inn an accent chair for a subtle pop of colour.

Using colour in your home does not have to be daunting. You can incorporate as much or as little colour into your home as you are comfortable with. We look forward to seeing you soon at Aspley Homemaker City to help you on your home decorating journey!

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