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How To Easily Incorporate Feng Shui Into Your Home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy for creating balance in our home in relation to the natural world. By using specific decorating and design techniques to ensure your home’s energy is connected to nature and free flowing you can create a peaceful environment both physically and spiritually. Not only do these techniques create a calming home, but they are also thought to increase your quality of life and bring in health, happiness and wealth. If you’d like to learn some simple and easy ways to achieve a mindful home through Feng Shui then read
on for more details!

Use The Five Elements

One of the key decorating rules when creating a home that embraces Feng Shui is to use a balance of the five elements. The elements include wood, fire, earth, water and metal and each represent different areas and qualities of life. Adding these to your home can be done through the colours and shapes that they represent. For example, if you wish to promote wealth and family use blues and green in your soft furnishings and columnar and rectangular shapes when selecting furniture and home décor. It is said that to create a fulfilling life your home must include pieces from all five elements to ensure it is balanced.




Create a Calm Entryway

The front door is seen as a very important space in feng shui as it represents not only metaphorically, but physically where energy enters your home. The entryway is a space that is a first impression for not only guests, but yourself and your families as you return home for the day. The space should be kept neat and organised with minimal excess and unnecessary items. We recommend using a decorative tray like one found in Bed Bath
N Table to collate clutter such as keys and mail and using baskets from Freedom to store shoes neatly.






Check Your Doorways

Doors are very important when it comes to feng shui as they are seen as ‘portals’ for energy. We want to be able to have free flowing positive energy coming into and running throughout our house and encourage symbols
of expansion and space. Ensure you remove any clutter or furniture from around doorways to fix this issue and allow for free-flowing energy.






The Command Position

The command position refers to furniture items that are placed in a way that allows you to be in command,
of yourself, the situation and metaphorically of life. The most common items you should have placed
in a commanding position in your home are the desk, bed and stove. If these items are in command, you
will be able to see the door, without being directly in line with the door. This allows your mind,
on a subconscious level to be put at ease as you are aware of your surroundings and environment.




A Balanced Bedroom

There are a few areas of the bedroom that can create a good flow of energy and symbolise balanced feng shui. Firstly, the bedroom should be decorated in neutral colours to promote a restful and deep sleep. Beds should also never be placed firmly against a wall and should always have a bedside table on each side to provide support. Ensure the underneath of your bed is clear and not used as storage, unless it is soft items such as excess linen
or cushions. Lastly, it is thought that grouping items in twos such as artworks above the bed, pillows and chairs promote loving, harmonious energy.



Let us know if you’d like to learn more about Feng Shui and how it can be used when decorating your home. If you’d like to implement any of the above tips or want help with sourcing the right organisational pieces for your space, then be sure to book in for your free styling session with our resident stylist. Simply head to the ‘Styling Inspiration’ tab on our website.

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