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Preparing Your Home For The Warmer Months

Spring has officially arrived in Brisbane, and we couldn’t be happier to see the flowers blooming, warmer days and sunshine in the evenings. With the beginning of the new season and the approaching Summer ahead, now is the perfect time to have a Spring refresh and update your home accordingly. Like a breath of fresh air, today we have a few simple tips and tricks you can do this weekend to prepare your home for the warmer months ahead and wave goodbye to the cold winter days!

Have A Refreshing Spring Clean & Declutter

As cliché as it is, Spring really is the perfect time to have a deep clean and organise of your home. The changing of the seasons is a good reminder to complete the tasks we have been putting off all year such as cleaning flyscreens and windows, sorting out kitchen cupboards and pantries and wiping down those ‘out of sight’ surfaces such as skirting boards, light switches, and ceiling fans. Spring is also the perfect time to have a declutter of your storage areas in the home as you will need to store thicker quilts, flannelette sheets and warmer blankets away for next Winter. We recommend heading into Howard’s Storage World for all the organisational inspiration you need to kickstart the decluttering process in your home.


Update Your Soft Furnishings

Brisbane Summers are unlike anywhere else and the last thing we want on a sunny, humid day is fluffy cushions or woollen blankets. Ensure your soft furnishings are reflective of the temperature and use fabrics such as linen and cotton for a lightweight and breathable feel. We love Pillow Talk and Bed Bath N Table’s beautiful range of cushions and throw blankets that are perfect for updating your home this Spring. When selecting your soft furnishings for the new season we recommend choosing colours such as sage green, pastel blue or a soft cream for a refreshing look.


Switch Out Your Scents

If you have been reading the Aspley Homemaker City blog for a while now you will know we are huge lovers of home scents and believe they can make a huge difference in the home. By switching out your home scent each season you can completely change the feel of the space and evoke a desired atmosphere depending on the setting. We love using scents such as freshly washed linen or patchouli in the entryway to welcome your family and guests into the home. In the kitchen we suggest using a fresh scent such as gardenia or lemongrass and lime to create a clean and calming feel. Reed diffusers are a great option for these areas as they keep the spaces smelling beautiful all day long. We recommend heading into Provincial Home Living or Bed Bath N Table to pick your perfect scent this weekend.

Add Greenery & Repot Plants

Embrace Spring in your home by adding some fresh new greenery and plants to bring life and colour into your spaces. Whether you are opting for real or faux, we suggest adding beautiful, large floor plants such as fiddle leaf figs, olive trees or birds of paradise to the corners of living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms. These create a focal point in a room, provide a pop of colour and draw the eye upwards by creating height. Freedom has some gorgeous faux plants that require no upkeep and could fool even the keenest gardener. We also love adding trailing plants to bookshelves, floating shelves and surfaces that are in need of some life and colour. Spring is a great time to re-pot any existing plants you have indoors or outdoors and ensure they are thriving with new soil and the perfect sized pot.


Update Your Outdoor Furniture

In preparation for the upcoming entertaining season, now is the perfect time to think about updating your outdoor furniture. If your pieces are looking a bit tired and worn, why not try something new like a beautiful outdoor lounge suite or fun bar table and chairs combination. The Furniture Shack have a great range of outdoor furniture and can provide you with advice on what pieces would suit your space, lifestyle and entertaining needs. If you’re in need of a new BBQ, storage solutions or shade umbrellas, then check out Outdoor Living for all your outdoor needs. We also love adding large, durable outdoor rugs and colourful cushions to our outdoor areas to make them feel like an extension of the indoors.


If you would like some more help with choosing the perfect outdoor furniture pieces, soft furnishings or organisational solutions for your home this Spring, then be sure to click here or head to the ‘Styling Inspiration’ tab on this website to book in for your free styling session with our Resident Stylist, Eliza.

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