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Living Room Styling

5 Living Room Styling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When it comes to styling your living room, there are some tips and tricks to implement and mistakes you want to avoid to ensure it looks the way you’d like it to look, while ticking the boxes in terms of functionality and liveability. After all, your living room shouldn’t just be nice to look at; it’s also a space you’ll want to entertain guests, where you can relax and put your feet up, spend precious time with your family and binge-watch your favourite shows.

Creating a comfortable, stylish, and multifunctional living space doesn’t have to be a daunting or expensive task. There are so many simple style tweaks you can make to enhance your living room to not only maximise space, but also make it feel incredibly inviting to absolutely everyone who visits. If you’re looking for some new living room ideas to make it feel more spacious, more functional or more stylish (or a combination of all three), then read on. We share our living room styling mistakes to avoid, styling tips to embrace, and the retailers at Aspley Homemaker City, where you can stock up on everything to bring your living room styling dreams to life.

Living Room Styling Mistake #1: Your living room is cluttered

When it comes to living room styling, storage is key! It can hide a multitude of sins, and makes it tidying up much easier – the more you can put behind closed doors, inside ottomans, underneath a table or on floating shelves, the better. Eureka Furniture has a great selection of coffee tables with ample storage space, so you can store anything from linens to your favourite magazines away, without compromising on style. They also have wall shelves in different shapes and sizes you can add to the wall of your living room to create your own vertical shelving.

Living Room Styling Mistake #2: Your TV is in the Wrong Place

The best way to free up space in your living room is to mount your TV on a wall. When you mount it, you want to make sure that it’s not blocking any precious window light or reflecting any window light. No one wants glare disrupting their TV viewing experience now do they? If you’re not able to mount your TV, you can also place it on top of a sleek entertainment unit that not only has storage options, but also enhances the look and feel of your other living room furniture. Freedom has a massive range of entertainment units available in shades of natural timber that’ll easily elevate your living room without taking up too much space.

Living Room Mistake #3: Your Room is Too Dark

Lightening up the colour palette can make all the difference when it comes to creating a sense of space in your living room. If you’ve got a smaller living room, a styling tip for making it feel bigger is to paint your walls an off-white and keep furniture light-coloured or tonal. If the space feels too clinical for your tastes, you can inject colour and warmth into your space through furniture and decor items. Nick Scali has so many lounge and sofa options available in a variety of colours, so whether you love a dark brown leather look or a pastel palette, you’ll be able to find the perfect centrepiece to enhance your living room styling vision. You can add light or creative cushion colour combinations for added interest, changing up as the seasons and trends change.

Living Room Styling

Living Room Styling

Living Room Mistake #4: Your Sofa is Too Big or Too Small

Many people fill their living rooms with furniture that is too large or chunky for the space, especially when it comes to sofas. This, of course, will make your living room look a lot smaller. So when it comes to choosing living room furniture, try to choose sofas that leave 18 inches (or 46 centimetres) of space on either side and don’t occupy the entire length of the wall. If you only have space for a two-seater, trick your brain into thinking you have more space by investing in an ottoman, so you can extend the couch when you need to, and place it elsewhere when you don’t. Provincial Home Living have ottomans to suit every style of sofa, whether you love a colourful velvet fabric or prefer a tonal linen piece.

Living Room Mistake #5: You’re Missing Mirrors

There aren’t many living room styling pieces that can make your space look bigger than it is, whilst also enhancing its overall aesthetic. One home décor piece that can is a sleek mirror. There are so many different mirror styles to choose from that it’s now easier than ever to find one that truly shows off your creative flair, whilst also making your living space feel comfortable and inviting. Of course, you also need to find a minor that balances your space, otherwise it may overpower it. If you’re wanting an oversized mirror for your living room, opt for a small frame as a larger frame can make your living room feel even smaller than it is. If you’re wanting a smaller mirror to place on a wall, find one that can be placed at the average person’s eye level (roughly 154 centimetres from the floor to the centre of the mirror) and leave enough space around the frame for the piece to breathe. We recommend popping into Bed Bath N’ Table and checking out their range of mirrors to see which size would suit your living room best.

Avoid these Living Room Styling Mistakes at Aspley Homemaker City

It can sometimes be tough styling living room furniture when you have so many competing interests on your wishlist; your living room is one of the busiest rooms in your home, so how do you make it feel comfortable, stylish and functional in a way that works with you rather than against you? Well, that’s where we come in! From large furniture items to home decor and storage solutions, Aspley Homemaker City has all you need to bring your living room styling ideas to life.