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cosy living room

How to Create a Cosy Living Room

You spent so much time in your living room, so you’ll no doubt want to be as comfortable as possible. When most people think of a cosy living room, they think of heavy blankets, fluffy rugs, and natural coasters to place massive mugs of hot chocolate on – but you don’t just have to have a cosy living room during the cooler months. You can still have a cosy living room in spring and summer, you just need to know which pieces to add to your home décor collection. So, to ensure you have a cosy living room year-round, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you create a comfy living room you’ll love, no matter what the weather is doing outside.

Use warm colours

Did you know colours can have an actual psychological influence on us? Warm colours can help a space appear physically warmer, while cool colours can appear physically cooler. So, if you’re wanting to create a cosy living room that feels warm and snug, opt for warmer colours when you’re selecting your décor, furniture, and textiles – we’re talking shades like rusty orange, mustard yellow, and earthy browns. Pillow Talk has a great collection of cushion covers that will make your sofa feel extra cosy whilst also ensuring you’re comfortable every time you take a seat. Your sofa may not be a warm shade, but by adding some colourful cushions, you’ll be able to instantly enhance the cosiness of your living space.

cosy living room

cosy living room

Find the right lighting

When it comes to creating a cosy space, the right lighting is essential! Whether it’s an elegant floor lamp towering over your sofa or an eclectic table lamp sitting comfortably on your side table, the right lighting can help you create a cosy living room you’ll never want to leave. The Lighting Superstore is your one-stop-shop for every lighting fixture. No matter what your style is, you’ll find a piece that makes your living room feel extremely comfortable – just be sure to choose a warm lightbulb to ensure the light emitted from your lamp feels extra comforting!

Add a rug

When you think of cosy home décor, you think of rugs. The right rug can not only warm up your living room, but it can also add either a hint of softness or natural texture to the space, depending on what kind of rug you prefer. Choosing a rug in a warmer shade will make your living room feel extra cosy, but if you’re looking for something more eye-catching, DecoRug has a selection of patterned rugs that use earthy colours and soft fabrics to create unique pieces that won’t just help you create a cosy living room, they’ll also inject more character and dimension into your living space.

So, if you’re searching for ways to create a cosy living room in both the dead of winter and the heart of summer, check out our tips and then head into Aspley Homemaker City to grab your new living room styling essentials. It’s always a good time to create a cosier living space because you want to feel as comfortable as possible when you snuggle up on the coach to spend time with the family and binge-watch your favourite shows. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get cosy!