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How to: spring clean your wardrobe

Now that spring has arrived, the annual urge for a wardrobe reset is officially in full swing. We bet you’ve already noticed the pile of mismatched shoes or those half-hung coats, right? Well, those are the unmistakable signs telling you it’s about time for a spring clean.

But let’s be honest, tackling a wardrobe clear-out can be a little overwhelming – we find ourselves asking where to start, what supplies to buy, and most importantly, what to cull. But no worries, here at Homemaker The Valley we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled the best steps to make the whole process easier. Simply follow our guide below and your wardrobe will be in top shape before you know it.

Step 1: Categorise First things first, it’s time to empty your wardrobe and categorise. This means you need to set aside a good chunk of time dedicated to spring cleaning your wardrobe. Take everything out and lay it on your bed or a clean surface. Then, sort your clothes into categories – think tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, and accessories. This is going to help you assess the quantity of each category and will make the next step a whole lot easier.

Step 2: Declutter Decluttering might just be the most difficult step, but it’s also the most crucial. It’s time to decide what you want to keep and what you want to donate, sell, or discard. If you get stuck, here are some questions to guide you: Does it fit? Have you worn it in the past year? Is it damaged? Does it match your current style?

Step 3: Donate and Sell Time for more categories! Separate the items you no longer want into two piles – one will be donated and the other will be sold. Clothes in good condition can be donated or given to friends and family. High-quality or barely used items can be sold through a consignment store, online platform, or even a garage sale.

Step 4: Clean and Organise Now that you’ve narrowed down your wardrobe, let’s clean the space. This is when all your hard work starts to pay off – the end is in sight! Be sure to dust the shelves, wipe down surfaces, and vacuum the floor (simple, but super effective!).

Step 5: Storage Solutions Your wardrobe should look like an empty canvas, which means it’s time to consider some storage solutions. Look at the space holistically and compare its size to the amount of clothes you need to fit in. If you’re looking to optimise the space, then a trip to Aspley Homemaker City is a must. Howards Storage World has a wide range of clothes hangers, drawer dividers, and hanging rails that are ideal for wardrobe organisation.

Tip: if you have limited closet space, consider rotating your wardrobe seasonally. Store out-of-season clothing in vacuum storage bags from Howards Storage World to free up some space.

All that’s left to do now is pop everything back into place and there you have it, the ultimate guide to spring cleaning your wardrobe! Remember, if you make an effort to keep your wardrobe neat and tidy, then the spring clean will get easier and easier every year.

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Decluttering Guide: 5 Dos & Don’ts

We’ve all been there; over time our homes build up with clutter, and before we know it, there’s not a spare cupboard or shelf in sight!

Decluttering and re-organising the home can often feel like a daunting or insurmountable task, but it doesn’t have to be. With our helpful decluttering tips, you can feel empowered to transform your space into a clean, clear, and organised haven – now, and into the future. From using Pinterest for inspiration to investing in functional furniture and finding long-term storage solutions, we’ve got you covered. Read our decluttering guide below to get started on your journey to a clutter-free, stylish abode.

DO: Create a Pinterest Board for Inspiration

The First DO in our decluttering guide? Find some inspo! Pinterest is an amazing tool that provides endless inspiration for every aspect of your life, from health and wellbeing to style and fashion to interior design and home organisation. We recommend creating a dedicated board for decluttering and organising your home. Fill it with images that resonate with your style and inspire you to declutter without sacrificing aesthetics. You could even break this down further by creating separate boards for decluttering separate rooms. What is it about the spaces that inspire you? It could be the rattan boxes they use for odds and ends, the blanket box they use for toys, or the way they store their makeup brushes and toiletries. Once you have your ideas, make a list of the storage pieces, breaking the list down into what you need for each room for ease of tackling your decluttering project (we suggest taking on just a single room at a time). Head to Howard’s Storage World to pick up all the items you need. Soon you’ll feel more motivated to organise all the other rooms in your home as well and decluttering will be a breeze – and enjoyable!

DO: Invest in Functional Furniture

One of the most effective ways of decluttering and organising your home when you’re short on storage space (or space in general), is to invest in furniture that’s dual purpose. Storing your linen inside a bed frame with drawers, blankets inside an ottoman, and your favourite magazines and books within your coffee table are all great ways to declutter home areas and overcome a lack of storage space, while ensuring you aren’t giving up on style. Freedom has a fantastic selection of functional furniture that will not only suit any aesthetic, but also get you excited about decluttering and organising your home. This is also a clever way of getting rid of unwanted items too – if you forget you have the toys, linen, knick knacks once stored away, or don’t use them over the next 12 to 18 months, it may be a sign it’s time to sell, donate or bin!




DON’T: Overcrowd Your Countertops

The first DON’T in our decluttering guide: clear those countertops! Your kitchen counter can sometimes become one of the most cluttered areas in the house. This could be for a variety of reasons, but to help declutter your countertops, one of the best things you can do is minimise that which lives on your countertop by giving it a home – and styling everything that needs to stay!

Remove any mail, catalogues, paperwork or other household items out of your kitchen and find areas to house whatever’s left. Create a coffee corner for your coffee machine and mugs or place your utensils in a small utensil holder if your drawers are already full of kitchen necessities. Try to source storage items that match your countertop or kitchen style, while also providing ample space or functionality. If bench space is at a premium, think of ways you might be able to move things elsewhere – opt for paper towel holders that can be attached under cupboards, and coffee pod rails or spice racks on the inside of doors.

House also has an incredible selection of drinkware, glassware and dinnerware to help make your kitchen look super chic.

DO: Implement Long-Term Storage Solutions & Practices

After decluttering your space, focus on sourcing long-term storage solutions and decluttering methods you can implement to maintain or managed your organised home ongoing. This step must always be done last, so you know the exact number of solutions you need and what your home is lacking, and the exact size and space of where you will be storing them. If you love glass jars or containers for your pantry or fridge, we recommend being consistent by sticking to one style of clear jar in varying sizes (rather than accumulating containers of all styles, shapes and sizes – unless that’s your aesthetic).

Baskets in cupboards are a great way to keep like-minded items together to avoid any unnecessary clutter – decide if you prefer baskets with lids, or without, and what style will best suit your space and it’s desired function. You may even want to implement a practice of going through these every 3 to 4 months to see if there’s anything in them you need to throw out.

Howard’s Storage World, Freedom and Provincial Home Living have a great range of storage solutions perfect for decluttering. For more permanent solution, Kitchen Connection can help with kitchen redesign, and storage solution inserts such as corner storage solutions, wireware, rubbish, recycling and clutter solutions and sink accessories. We suggest you scroll through the Aspley Homemaker City website for more decluttering and home organisation tips and tricks before you head to the centre.

DON’T: Chuck Everything Into a Box & Forget About it

Last but not least in our decluttering guide: Don’t feel tempted to just chuck stuff into a box or drawer if that’s not a good home for it. If you don’t have good decluttering practices in place, it can be all too easy to open a door or drawer, shove your clutter in, and hope to never see it again.

Find common-sense homes that will help you remember where things are, and don’t be afraid of the label maker! There’s nothing worse than coming back to something you’re forgotten about in your fridge or pantry and wondering what it is (or used to be), or rifling through unmarked boxes for that international power adaptor the night before an international flight.

Decluttering Your Home Made Easy at Aspley Homemaker City

Decluttering and organising your home can be a stress-free and enjoyable process – provided you put some practices in place and make a plan. Use Pinterest for inspiration, invest in functional furniture, find long-term storage solutions, and style your countertops for a clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing home. With the help of Aspley Homemaker City’s fantastic retailers and the dos and don’ts in our decluttering guide, you’ll become a decluttering pro in no time, achieving a clean and highly-functional living space. Get started today and you’ll enjoy a clutter-free home in no time!